Chicago Ethernet Wiring & Security Camera Installation

If your internet connection is awfully slow or spotty, it might be time for new, fast wiring. 真人娱乐官方 also helps you set up security cameras to keep you safe and offer you a feeling of security.

5 Year Warranty

As a testimony for our high-quality ethernet wiring and security camera system installation, we provide a 5-year warranty for all of our work.

Highly Skilled Techs

真人娱乐官方’s wiring tech has years of experience working with different types of cables (Cat 5 and Cat 6, for example) and CCTV systems in residental and business settings.

Free Estimate

We want you to know how much it will cost to redo your wiring. Therefore, we will ask you some relevant questions and give you a precise quote without a charge. 

Having a well-designed and modern network cabling at home or your business can make the difference of having a smooth experience while watching videos, uploading files or playing online games. It’s not really something people think about before they are having issues (such as slow speed, growing needs in the shape of CCTV installation, redesigning the wiring for better Wi-Fi coverage, or being blamed of lag switching…)
We can upgrade your network with improved Cat 5 wiring or Cat 6 wiring to ensure you can take advantage of everything new technology has to offer.

Especially in the recent years, smart home products have been integrated in homes, which usually need some kind of wiring going to them in order to make them work efficiently. 

真人娱乐官方 wiring technicians will investigate your home’s or business’ network setup and put together a plan of action. We will take into consideration your budget, enivronment, specific needs and, potentially, future plans for expanding.
When designing a wiring scheme, we will use color coding to make sure your setup is easily understandable for everyone and can be easily troubleshot. This will ensure you don’t need to redo your wiring for years to come and you can get the best performance out of your cabling system.

Fiber Optic Cabling & Testing

Fiber optic cabling is the newest technology in network wiring, since it is extremely fast and has more bandwidth compared to traditional cable types. 真人娱乐官方 technicians will install, terminate, and verify the integrity of your cables with our specialized testing equipment. To make sure your cables work flawlessly, we will also check the speed and continuity of data flowing through the wires.

Network Upgrades and Wiring

If you are currently using  an older ethernet cable type and are noticing a drop in performance, it might be time to switch over to the faster and more reliable cable types, such as Cat 5e or 6.
We will design an infrastructure that is cost-effective, reliable and fast. The 真人娱乐官方 technicians will also verify your Wi-Fi speeds and improve the connection strength if necessary.

Surveillance Camera Installation

Protecting your home with high-quality (and resolution) wireless security cameras can give you more peace of mind and secure your house. 
真人娱乐官方 can implement reliable IP cameras that come with a convenient and simple-to-use interface, night vision, and other useful features. Just having a camera in sight oftentimes deters burglars and thieves and adds an extra level of security to your home.

How does the Wiring process work?

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